Study finds that having a big penis is a disability

Study concludes bigger than average penis is a disability and it’s associated with low mental capacity



Are you a proud owner of a big manhood? We have bad news for you.

Are you considered average or small down there?. Then you have nothing to worry about.



Researchers who studied the male reproductive organs for over 30-years in the University of Sussex in Brighton, England with help from the University of Kinshasa in the DRC have a disappointing conclusion for those who are well endured.

University of Sussex
Unfortunately, a larger than average penis is a disability and 9 out of 10 of the man-dingle holders are technically dumb as they cannot use their brains very well.

The researcher said there is absolutely no reason a human should have a penis that is more than 15 CM, a longer penis would make rough sex uncomfortable to both the participants because the penis would literally be knocking on the womb before the bodies of the two people having sex touch each other.

It is very important for the crotch areas of both parties to touch during sex and for some woman that is all they need to reach their orgasm.

Women who believe a bigger than life penis is the real deal were also found to lack brain activity in the parts of the brain that contribute to creativity and critical thinking.

Source: Ihlaya News.

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