Research shows that women love men who cheat on them more than faithful men

Women love cheaters more than faithful men


A new study concludes that a lot of women have a mental condition that does not allow them to fall out of love with a cheater.

If you are a cheater rest assured that you hold the keys to the relationship because your women are not going to stop loving you. Researchers believe that a few cases where women broke up with their male spouse for cheating on them were because of overwhelming pressure from family and friends. Deep down the lady would always love someone who cheated on them.

The reasons for this behavior are not very clear but some women who were interviewed say it is because being with someone who is still desired by others turns them on and reminds them of when he approached them. “If he’s able to cheat on me with women it means he still got game, as long as he satisfies all my needs cheating on me turns me on”. – Jessica.

“I only break up with a cheating man only if people close to me know that he is cheating on me or he is cheating with people that I know otherwise it’s cool”

Head researcher Dick Long says this behavior is engraved in women’s DNA and there is nothing we could do to change it. “I’ll advise men to cheat with women who might never cross pass with their partner but it’s ok to leave your phone unlocked with pictures and texts of your infidelities now and then just to make her fall in love with you over again.”

Source: Ihlaya News.

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