5 Ways to find Love Through Social Media

5 Ways to find Love Via Social Media

By Ireto Temofeh.


“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.”
– T. Tolis


It is said that the best things in life are free; and love is one of those things. However, sometimes it seems so difficult to find love, especially in this age when virtually everything is driven by technology. But the truth is that even if you’re a drop in the ocean of social media users, it’s still possible for you to find your life partner through social media. So if you’re single and searching or in need of love in your life, here are five suggestions that will help you find love through the use of social media.

1. Make it (crystal) clear in your profile that you’re ‘single and searching’.

If you’re looking for love via social media, you need to show it from the start. Make it clear from the get go that you’re single and searching and available by creating a sexy and flirtatious but decent profile of yourself. When you hit the ground running on social media, you can be sure of getting faster and better responses from the opposite sex!

2. Be yourself.

If you’re looking for love via social media, being true to yourself is the best place to start from. That’s because pretending to be what you’re not in order to impress people or attract members of the opposite sex is bound to backfire in the end. So don’t try to give anyone a false impression of yourself on social media in order to win his/her heart. Let people accept you for who you are! Simply be yourself.

Remember the love quote that says: “I’m much more me when I’m with you.” So be yourself.

Also, don’t try too hard! Don’t see it as a job to find love on social media. Trying too hard can leave you discouraged, depressed or frustrated, if you’re looking for love via social media. So stop trying too hard because love comes naturally. Be yourself.

3. Send friendship requests to (as many) people you fancy and follow them too!

Many social networks like Facebook allow you to send friendship requests to anybody you like. But when looking for love via social media, you need to be careful about the kind of people you send friendship requests. My advice is that before sending a friendship request to anybody you fancy, don’t be deceived by appearances or by his/her profile picture. Try to read the profile of that person in order to know a little about his/her personality, culture, background and education. Also make sure you first find out his/her marital status through his/her profile before sending your friendship request. It wouldn’t be wise to send friendship requests to married people when you’re single and searching. So make sure you send your friendship requests only to cute singles that catch your fancy. The goal of finding love via social media is to find your own man/woman, not somebody else’s man/woman. So send friend requests to cute singles and follow all the sexy and intelligent bachelors and spinsters. Who knows, you might end up marrying one of them!

4. Be active on social media. Share posts and Chat or Interact with your ‘friends’ and/or ‘followers’. Join groups.

Sharing posts and interacting with your social media friends and followers will give people a chance to know you. Remember that in life and on social media, people need to know that you exist first, before they can be attracted to you! Therefore you need to be active on social media for members of the opposite sex to know that you’re on the block!

Being active on social media will also give you the opportunity to get to know people more. And in so doing, you might be able to develop an intimate relationship with one special person. So don’t be afraid to send messages to your friends and followers on social media. Also learn to reply messages from decent people if you’re looking for love, and find time to chat with them as often as possible. Being too busy to chat or send/reply messages on social media may not be in your best interest if you are truly looking for love. So if you want to find love on social media, you must create time to chat.

5. Flirt

You can’t find love on social media by being a passive observer. You might need to digitally ‘mingle’ or ‘flirt’ on social networks until you find the perfect person.
However, flirting on social media networks because you’re looking for love does not mean that you should engage in anything obscene, indecent or irresponsible. You really don’t need to send naked pictures of yourself or pictures of your body parts, eg, breasts or genitals, before you can show or convince someone that you’re romantically interested in him or her.
In fact, sharing or posting of nude or indecent pictures on social media should be highly discouraged because it both offends and distracts people from seeing you as who you really are and accepting you the way you are.
Sharing of nude or indecent pictures of yourself or of your body parts on social media can distract you from achieving your objective of finding love, because if you’re looking for love, it would make you appear more as a sex object and would thus hinder your search for true love.
On the other hand, flirting done in a mature and responsible manner on social media is bound to attract the right people to you.


From the above it is now clear that it is very possible for you to find love via social media if you follow the outlined suggestions or laid down rules. So don’t think you won’t succeed in finding love on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. All you need to do is try and you’ll find that the best is yet to come!

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