Video: Python bites scientist as part of research study

Python bites scientist as part of research study


This is the story of a scientist who is doing a study with his colleague on how painful bites from dangerous animals could be. They allow dangerous reptiles and creeping animals to bite them, then they rank the pains to create a pain index. Can you imagine this level of research?

Here’s the story.


A daredevil scientist could be heard screaming in pain after letting a 6ft-python bite his arm in horrifying footage.

TV presenter Adam Thorn, from Australia, needed stitches in his arm after the reptile drew blood.

In the footage, which was recorded for a new TV series, the huge snake can be seen laid on a wooden table.

As soon as the TV host, who is wearing a protective face mask, gets close to the animal, the python bites him.

A man wearing a blue t-shirt eventually pulls the snake away as blood starts to come out from the scientist’s arm.
The clip, which appeared on Mail Online, is part of History Channel’s new series “Kings of Pain”.


Watch the video:

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