See the phone numbers of Nigerian Singles searching for love

Women looking for relationship/marriage:

Roseline, 38, chocolate, from Cross River, living in Port Harcourt, needs a honest, mature, caring, god-fearing and well-to-do man of 40-50 years for marriage. 08180072310.

Peace, 33, fair, HIV positive, from Imo, needs an educated, HIV positive Igbo man of 35-42 years from East or Delta for marriage. 07065323282.

Blessing, 33, from Imo, in Lagos, fat, busty, single mother, needs a matured man of 45years+ for marriage. 08025117116, 08053407885.

Chioma, 27, tall, homely, graduate, from Anambra, wants a hard working, understanding man of 28 years+ for a serious relationship. 08066521152.

Ayo, 29, gentle, sexy, needs a reliable and sexually active man of 30-45years for a lasting relationship. 08066642286.

Tolu, 33, nice, humble and principled, needs a gentle, mature man of 40-52years for a serious relationship. 08037435805.

Call Love Doctor: 07031028714, 08131161840, 08077821830for Counseling, infertility & Direct Hookup.

Men looking for relationship/marriage:

Onyeka, 38, from Imo, businessman in Lagos, fair, needs a lady of 28-36years for marriage. 07033467234.

Obi, from Anambra, tall, fair, needs a lady of 18-32 years with a very large bust, in Anambra, for marriage. 08066671433.

Ndubuisi, 38, fair, 5.8ft, from Imo, businessman in Lagos, needs a lady of 27-34years for marriage. 08140652557.

Uche needs a mature, working woman in Lagos as a confidante and for friendship. 08077821830.

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