Pastor kisses woman to cast out evil spirit (rewind clip)

Pastor kissing woman to expel demon



Pastor KISSES a young woman in front of his congregation to ‘rid her body of demons’

In video footage of the incident, a minister of an unspecified church in Zimbabwe kisses a woman in a pink dress to ‘rid her body of demons’ during a sermon, according to local media.

He can be seen with his hands holding the lady’s face, kissing her for an uncomfortably long time in front of church members.

The preacher eventually lets go and steps back abruptly, appearing to shake off bad spirits.

As the pastor starts kissing the lady again, the camera pans toward a woman in a green cardigan standing behind a short distance behind the pastor.

She can be seen touching her breasts while watching the scene in front of her.

The video uploaded by Raymond Majongwe who captioned the video: ‘Pastor at work. Hale luuuuuyaa’.

It also sparked outrage on social media calling out the pastor for his actions, one wrote: ‘rubbish…arrest this pervert.’

Another asked: “I wonder if he does the same to his male congregates.”

Credits: Daily Mail, Twitter.

Location: Zimbabwe.

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