Male birth control testing stopped in India after men’s testicles start exploding

Male birth control testing has been halted in India after 30 test subjects testicles exploded during sexual intercourse.

The testing of the male birth control involved 139 men under the age of 41 who were living with their wives and had at least two children each.

The men were given a single dose of the male birth control shot and then followed up by doctors for six months. Their wives were also monitored to find out if they became pregnant.

Eight months later 30 of the test subjects were rushed to the ER with bust testicles. They all claimed they testicles just popped like balloons spilling semen like fluid all over. The busting of the testicles happened when they were about to ejaculate.

They all claimed it was less painful than one could imagine but the trauma of exploding testicles that ripped their scrotum open is the worst.

“When I was nearing orgasm I felt that my testicles were getting inflated but I did not feel the pain and my strokes were getting harder because of approaching orgasm the next thing I heard was pop!. It happened so fast”

There is still no explanation from the scientists as to what could have caused this because the 30 men who suffered the explosion were checked by doctors daily and nothing unusual came up.

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