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Dad breastfeeds baby in hilarious viral video

By Gerren Keith Gaynor, Fox News

A dad’s video of himself breastfeeding his daughter has gone viral after the internet praised the clip for being both inventive and adorable.

The 8-second clip, posted to Twitter, shows the man holding the infant while she appears to be sucking from a bottle underneath his shirt.

“Her mama gone and she wouldn’t take the bottle, so I had to trick her,” the caption reads.

The clip has been retweeted more than 66,000 times and has over 288,000 likes.

Many Twitter users praised the anonymous man as the dad of the year for doing whatever it takes to get his daughter to eat.

“I love the innovation and ‘pure love’ this dad obviously has for his baby! Thanks for sharing!” a person tweeted.

“This is what I call a real dad going the extra mile with some smart thinking! Kudos bro, fathers like him make me believe in mankind!” another Twitter user wrote.

“The only thing that could spoil it for this wonderful dad is babies know the smell of their mamas:-) but still, very impressive A+ for effort!”

“This is the kind of support woman needs! Take notes EVERYONE!” someone else commented.

As adorable many commenters found the video to be, many pointed out that the young girl’s facial expression suggested she was skeptical of her dad’s breastfeeding tactic.

“Don’t be fooled. Baby girl ain’t really fall for it,” one person tweeted. “Look at her face. She’s thinking, “Why this taste like fabric softener, tho’?!” If ever a face showed skepticism, this is it.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “You know she’s like….I’m not buying it but I’ll give him points for trying.”

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