Rabi Pirzada nude video leak 2 (Pakistani singer) (WARNING! Adult Content! Must be 18 years or older to view!)

Pakistan – Pop singer Rabi Pirzada nude video leak clip 2







Rabi Pirzada is the 30-year-old Pakistani celeb and the daughter of a former Army officer. She has been in the limelight since the age of 16. Pirzada debuted with the song ‘Daadi Kuree’, which she calls a catchy number. Other hits from the same album were ‘Jadoo’, ‘Ranjhna’ and ‘Boom Boom’. On her website, she claims the clip of this song was a crushing of the glass ceiling in Pakistan. She writes that it was the first time the video showcased a girl wearing jeans and a tank top. Pirzada married an ex-Army officer, Tariq Shah, and since then has given birth to two sons. But her new family did not come at the cost of her career.

Rabi Pirzada nude porn video

After she went on to star in a number of shows including ‘What’s up with Rabi?’, ‘Mazaq Raat’ and the movie ‘Shor Sharaba’. In October this year, she began to drop videos that attacked Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. And so entered the public arena. The response to the Pirzada’s clips has been harsh. She has lodged a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency over the leaked content that went viral on social networks. However, she has not been quick to point the finger at the person she thinks is responsible. What’s happening when you think nobody can hurt you?

Well, Modi is too strong and has released Rabi Pirzada nude pics and porn tape, where she’s completely nude!

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