Watch: Man posts video of cute daughter calling potato pateto

“My pikin say na pateto! 135k per term.”

Twitter users initially thought that the poster of the video, Egbedeyi Funsho, intended to accuse the child’s school of not teaching her well. But many users were of the opinion that the cute little girl is still a child and should be left alone. Users also made the little girl’s dad understand that good parenting matters, and also that not being able to recognize or pronounce some things correctly doesn’t mean that the child isn’t learning anything.


In the comments, one Twitter user – Olorunje Joe
@OlorunjeJ said:
Replying to
You better start begging
now because your allegation against his client is going to Supreme court with enough evidences to support your genius daughter. Let me just give small EXPO of the case file courtesy @segalink



Another Twitter user – Senator @DamiAjibola said:
Replying to
Can you please stop harassing that little princess? ???



Another Twitter user – Jamoojuk?
@udoka_james said:
Replying to
Bad parenting. Not every thing should be posted online. The parents are the ones to blame. In a situation were she couldn’t get it correctly, use the opportunity to teach here the things.


The video went viral on Twitter. Watch the viral video below.



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