Video: Bride’s sisters twerk on groom to test if he will get an erection!

Sisters of bride twerk on bridegroom in strange African marriage test


Cameroonian Dowry Ritual

This test is part of an African dowry ritual in Cameroon. The sisters of a bride have taken an unconventional means to test the faithfulness of their sister’s soon-to-be husband by twerking on him while she watches.


Faithfulness and Self-control in Marriage
It was gathered that the intention was to see if he will get an erection or if he can exercise restraint.
According to reports, the act is a traditional marriage rite performed in Cameroon to test a groom’s ability to stay faithful to his bride.
Erection test
The groom’s prospective sisters-in-law will perform various twerk styles on him. If he gets an erection, it means he has failed and will not be given the bride’s hand in marriage.
Watch or download the video below:
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