Video: Boat carrying idol capsizes in India

Dramatic moment boats carrying 19 passengers capsize during idol immersion in central India


This is the dramatic moment when two boats carrying 19 passengers capsized during an idol immersion gone wrong in central India, killing 13.

The incident took place in the early morning of September 13 at Khatlapura Ghat in Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh state.

The revellers, sitting on the country boats can be seen taking part in the “Ganapati Visharjan” or idol immersion of Ganesh, the elephant-headed God.

Video of the incident shows a boat full of devotees immersing the giant idol into the waters.

Immediately after the immersion, the boat overturns and capsizes into water.

While some others are seen getting hold of another boat, others can be seen grappling for life.

The passengers hurriedly get into the second boat, which results in its capsize.

A third boat can be seen rushing to save the fallen passengers. A man inside the boat can be seen pulling out the passengers.

Some other locals also rush to rescue the people.

Reports said that 19 people were aboard the boats, which were joined, to transport and immerse a huge idol in the lake.

A crane was used to place the idol on the boats.

Reports also stated that six people saved themselves by swimming while 12 bodies were recovered.

Meanwhile, the state government has announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh (USD 5,636) each to the kin of the deceased.

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