New Orleans – Video Of Baby Race Goes Viral

What a dramatic finish!

Watch the video of the super cute baby race:


‘What a dramatic finish’: Video of baby race during NBA game goes viral

A video of the event was tweeted by the official handle of the NBA basketball team and soon went viral. Viewed over thousands of times so far, the video has been flooded with comments of people gushing over the “cute” babies.

It was not a child’s play but the people who attended the Pelicans-Thunder NBA game in New Orleans were in for a surprise when a baby crawl race was held during the halftime. Packed with twists and much drama, toddlers can be seen putting their crawling skills to the test in a video that has now gone viral.

A video of the event was tweeted by the official handle of the basketball team along with a caption that read, “A Baby Crawl Race for the ages! What a dramatic finish!” In the 3.38-minute viral clip, the toddlers can be seen wearing numbers while competing in the race.

While many tweeted about the “dramatic” ending, where a baby marked “5” out crawls number “6”. “These are the things that make my heart melt custard,” wrote a user while tweeting the viral clip.

Source: The Indian Express.


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