Amazing: Video of gravity-defying ‘spider-sheep’ wandering down near-vertical rock face in China baffles viewers

Video of gravity-defying ‘spider-sheep’ wandering down near-vertical rock face baffles viewers

Amazing footage of sheep appearing to defy gravity as they wander down an almost-vertical cliff face has left viewers baffled.

The video, taken in the Valley of the Cats in the Tibetan Plateau, China, shows Himalayan blue sheep effortlessly traverse the rocky landscape.

The footage was posted to Twitter by conservation biologist Imogene Cancellare and has since amassed over one million views.

One amazed viewer called it ‘1,000 times better than Spider-Man’ and others dubbed the creatures ‘spider-sheep’.

Some viewers were so amazed that they wondered if it could be an illusion.

Adam Hyde commented: ‘It’s impressive, but the camera seems to be turned to exaggerate the angle.’

One confused viewer said: ‘I think the video is at the wrong angle so it makes it appear worse than it is. Trees grow up not sideways.’

But someone responded claiming that trees ‘grow whichever way the sun is’ so could be at an odd angle.

Others took to twitter to share a series of ‘spider-sheep’ related memes.

Ms Cancellare, who captioned the post ‘nice break on the [timeline]: blue sheep doing the impossible, per usual’, is a PhD student at the University of Delaware where she is studying snow leopards in Asia.

The sheep, also called bharal in Hindi and yanyang in Mandarin, climb cliffs to escape predators, including snow leopards commonly found in the region.

Sources: Twitter, Daily Mail.

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