WATCH: Naked woman rides on top of a Ferrari



A woman has been filmed riding naked upon a red Ferrari as its cigar-chomping driver cruises the streets of Ibiza in Spain.

The woman appears completely oblivious as she dances to reggaeton music blaring from the slow-moving supercar.

The incident was filmed at the Marina Ibiza on the Balearic island, and was later widely shared on social media.

But the driver is now being pursued for reckless driving by the police in Spain.

A city council spokesperson said the authorities hope to track down the culprits soon as ‘there are not many cars like this in Ibiza’.

According to local reports, the driver broke numerous traffic rules. First of all, there were three people riding in a two-seater vehicle.

Secondly, the fine for riding outside the seats of a vehicle can reach €500 and lose a driver six points from their licence.

Aside from rules, riding atop a vehicle can be dangerous.

Last year a 19-year-old girl died after the car she was sitting on crashed inside a housing estate in Catalonia.

Source: The Olive Presses.

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