Spain – Woman on phone slips and falls in front of a train!

This happened in Madrid, Spain. A woman fell onto the tracks in front of an approaching train while fidgeting with her phone.


A woman at the Madrid Metro in Spain was so busy fidgeting with her phone at the platform that she walked straight ahead and fell on the tracks in front of an approaching train. The incident has been caught on camera and a video of the spine-chilling footage has gone viral on social media.

At the Estrecho station in Madrid, the woman was waiting for her train. She was busy with her phone and did not realise as she walked till the edge of the platform. As she proceeded ahead, she fell on the tracks while the train that was at a considerable distance screeched to a halt.

RTE News has shared the video on Twitter that has been released by Madrid Metro. Madrid Metro has said that the woman is safe and did not suffer major injuries. “In this case, nothing serious happened,” it said.

After releasing the video, Madrid Metro directed passengers to “look up from their mobile phones when walking along the platform. Not looking up when you are waiting for the subway is a distraction that can prove expensive.”


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