Mother of boy born with 3 penises declines free surgery to remove the 2 extra penises!

Mother of boy born with 3 penises declines free surgery to remove the extra 2 penises



The mother of a boy who was born with three penises in Hemingford Grey Village in England has declined offers from doctors who wanted to remove the extra penises.

Gwendoline 38 gave birth to an unusual boy in her farmhouse in May 2019, the boy had three penises. Her family has a history of not using the hospital and thus her giving birth at home. When little Peter was born they were baffled and they want clarity so they took him to a nearby hospital when he was a month old.

Doctors at the hospital told them that the child was completely healthy despite the unusual number of penises he had. What was a little weird is that all the three penises are totally functional, he can pee with all three of them and they can all get erections.

The doctors advised the family to have the two penises removed so that the child can have a normal life but Gwendoline, her brother, and her father refuse. To them as long as he is healthy he is keeping his penises.

A good samaritan doctor said he offered the family a free surgery to make the boy normal but they refused. Dr. Smith said his team was willing to help. “What kind of family refuse such an offer and why do the mother’s father and brother have such a strong input in the decision making something is off with that family.”

Smith said the boy is healthy but his penises might ruin his life. “What if he can’t power them up when he grows up, or will he learn to operate them, individual. This is a very complex matter, say they all get an erection at the same time how will he use them?.

“They are being selfish refusing that child this free of charge surgery I am offering them. I bet they will change their minds when he starts peeing on the toilet seat and the bathroom floor.

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