India – Goat worshipped as ‘god’ after being born with human face!

Mutant goat is ‘worshipped as an avatar of god’ after it is born with ‘human-like’ eyes in India




A mutant goat is being ‘worshipped as an avatar of God’ after it was born with a flat face and strange ‘human-like’ eyes in India.

The young animal, which has human-like eyes and mouth, was born recently in Nimodia village on the outskirts of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Owner Mukeshi Prajapap posted a video of the animal on social media

It appears to be suffering from a facial deformity

The goat is seen stumbling around the room and wagging its short tail in the video.

In other snaps it is also seen glaring at the camera and looking away when Mr Prajapap reaches out to touch its scalp.

It may have suffered the facial deformity due to a rare congenital defect called Cyclopia, which usually causes a single eye to form on the forehead.

Goats may be considered a holy animal in India, although Hinduism names the cow, monkey, snake, elephant and tiger among its five holiest animals.

However, goats are named in part of the Vedas, Hindu religious texts, as an animal of importance.

A goat with the facial structure of a human was born in India in 2017, India Today reports. Its nose resembled a human’s and it also had a delicate nose and lips.

Credits: Daily Mail, India Today.

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