India – BJP Leader Ajay Rajput Leaked Video

Gujarat: A video became viral on social media in which an alleged BJP leader Ajay Rajput is forcibly kissing a Dalit School Teacher inside his office in Tapi district, Gujarat, India. The BJP leader Ajay Rajput was the director of an NGO “Navnirman Trust“. Proclaimed BJP leader Ajay Rajput’s leaked video made highlights on social media. Watch the leaked video of Ajay Rajput forcibly kissing the female teacher, below.



According to details, this tribal girl was working at his office in Tapi district as a computer teacher. The leaked video of BJP Leader Ajay Rajput shows that he is forcibly kissing the girl and forcing her to kiss him back. Some other woman was also present in the office who captured the video on her phone. The video maker girl was later identified as Mariam Gamit, another employ in the NGO.








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