Hungary – Leaked sex tape of Hungary Mayor goes viral

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Photos of Mayor Borkai

Recently, a new blog began leaking stories of Zsolt Borkai, incumbent Fidesz mayor of Győr. In the posts, the author accused him of abuse of power, corruption, the use of drugs, and using the services of prostitutes. Soon after, photos and videos were leaked on the website where the mayor can be seen having sex on a yacht with one of the young women with other scantily clad people in the room.

Also, an anonymous author started publishing stories about a lawyer and his friend’s (a Fidesz mayor) corrupt practices. The blog, called “This is the devil’s advocate” (Ez az ördög ügyvédje) later revealed the individuals in question are Zsolt Borkai, former Olympic champion gymnast, the former president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, and incumbent and newly running Fidesz mayor of Győr, while the other man is lawyer Zoltán Rákosfalvy, one of the most influential businessmen in Győr, also closely associated with the Fidesz politician.

Later, several photos and videos -allegedly taken on a yacht trip on the Adriatic sea last year on Pendecole- were also uploaded to the website showing the mayor and Rákosfalvy accompanied by young women. In other pictures, the mayor can be seen having sex with one of the girls. Video footage was also uploaded to one of the most popular porn sites, the link of which was also posted on the blog.

Sources: Hungary Today.

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