Deadly Battle: Python, Honey Badger and Jackal fight against each other!


Uploaded December 11, 2019
A wildlife wrestling showdown was captured in film by a group of amazed tourists, ending in an unexpected twist. While on safari in Chobe Park, Botswana, November, Roselyne Kerjosse, captured an epic triple threat match between a hungry python, a lucky honey badger and a sneaky pair of jackals that would put the WWE to shame. When the 60-year-old began recording, the honey badger was in mortal danger, with the python wrapping its entire body around the badger and squeezing the life out of the its prey. Luckily for the badger, a pair of jackals got involved in the showdown and after attacking the snake, the desperate badger managed to escape the coils of death. Posted by Abdul


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